The Anelastic Approximation in Linear and Finite-Amplitude Models of Mantle Convection
Gary T. Jarvis, York University
The Work of Japanese Researchers at the Earth Simulator Center
Charley Kameyama and Akira Kageyama, The Earth Simulator Center
2D Benchmark Results for Compressible Convection
Peter van Keken, University of Michigan
Construction and Comparison of Uzawa Solvers
Dave May and Louis Moresi, Monash University, Australia
Citcom’s Uzawa solver
Louis Moresi, Monash University, Australia
Experience on Compressible Mantle Convection Code
Eh Tan, Caltech
Implementing the compressible Anelastic approximation in a mantle convection code
Paul Tackley, University of California, Los Angeles
Influences of Thermal Conductivity and Depth-Dependent Thermal Expansivity
Dave Yuen, University of Minnesota
A Brief Discussion on CitcomS
A Brief Discussion on CitcomS
Treatment of Compressibility in TERRA
John Baumgardner, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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