2005 Mantle Convection Workshop Presentations

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June 19
Thermochemical Mantle Convection and Entrainment
Numerical Methods in Mantle Convection Modeling
Chair: Louise Kellogg 
Chair: Shijie Zhong
Opening Remarks Marc Parmentier
Introduction to the CIG Marc Spiegelman
Thermochemical mantle plumes: tracers, markers and chains Peter van Keken
The Existence, Longevity and Composition of Mantle Plumes and Hotspot Volcanoes Mark Jellinek
Three-dimensional numerical simulations of thermo-chemical multiphasse convection in Earth's Mantle Takashi Nakagawa
Upper Mantle Dynamics Expressed in Hotspot Basalt Chemistry Garrett Ito
Influences of Compositional Stratification Sarah Zaranek
A finite volume solution method for thermal convection in a spherical shell with strong temperature- and pressure-dependent viscosity Kai Stemmer
3D spherical gridding based on equidistant, constant volume cells for FV/FD methods Christian Huettig
Agile computational modeling: Facilitation by StGermain Steve Quenette
Numerical and Benchmarking Issues for 3D Spherical Codes (Unlocking the Secrets of the Rocky Planets) John Baumgardner
Numerical issues behind Citcom family Louis Moresi and Shijie Zhong
June 20
Structure and Mantle Convection
Chair: Slava Solomatov
Investigating large-scale mantle heterogeneity using the thermochemical extension of CitcomS Allen McNamara
Thermo-chemical convection: a comparison of numerical methods, and application to modeling planetary evolution Paul Tackley
Influences of the Postperovskite Transiton on Lower Mantle Dynamics David Yuen
Finite Prandtl Number Convection Catherine A. Hier-Majumder
Mantle Plume Volcanism on Present-day Mars Walter Kiefer
How to Stabilize Superplumes (Compressible thermo-chemical convection on African superplume) Eh Tan
Pyre - An overview of a software architecture for scientific applications Michael Aivazis
An Introduction to the TeraGrid Jeffrey Gardner
June 21
Observational Constraints on Global Mantle Flow
Chair: Magali Billen
Seismic anisotropy from nested flow models with fabric development: enough already? Thorsten Becker
Mantle dynamics and surface deformation Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni
Lateral Variations in Lithospheric Viscosity: Implications for Seismic Anisotropy and Lithospheric Stresses Clinton Conrad
Inversion for Mantle Viscosity from Post-glacial Rebound Archie Paulson
June 22
Mantle Convection and Tectonic Plates
Chair: Adrian Lenardic
How do we know if plate-like calculations are really plates and does it matter? Scott King
Subduction Dynamics: From Initiation to Maturity Mike Gurnis and Chad Hall
A parameterized rheology for creating lithospheric-scale shear zones Boris Kaus
June 23
New Directions and Development in Modeling Mantle Dynamics
Chair: Marc Parmentier
The constitutive behaviour of plates and plate boundaries Louis Moresi
Grain-size dependent viscosity convections Slava Solomatov
Understanding the effects of viscosity stratification on mantle convection and plate tectonics Mark Richards
Plumbing the Depths: Towards an intergration of magma dynamics and chemical transport in mantle convectionation Marc Spiegelman and Richard Katz
Rheologic Controls on Slab Dynamics Magali Billen
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